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2023 Executive Officers and board of directors

The Rochester Press-Radio Club Officers and Executive Board are all volunteer members who work together to give back to the youth of our community. Please feel free to contact us for additional information about membership and/or volunteering.

Executive Officers

President:                                       Debbie Salmon

Vice President:                              Mike Cocquyt

Treasurer:                                        Frank Raponi

Administrative Coordinator:      Mary Gross

Communication Coordinator:   Jess Poniatoski

Lunch Coordinator:                      Laurie DiPasquale

Immediate Past President:        Mike Kauffman

Board of Directors (in addition to the Executive Officers)

Drew Bielemeier

Geoff Cook

John Feola

Joanne Fisher

Bill Fortino

Pat Grover

Bill Hagerman

Scott Pitoniak

Will Rumbold

Keith Ryan

Craig Rybczynski

Gary Smith


    Will Head (Accountant)

Committee Chairs

6th Annual Golf Tournament Chairs: Jamie Hammond and Keith Ryan

2nd Annual Celebration of Champions Chair: Mike Kauffman

Past presidents

Congratulations and a special thank you to the past leadership of the Rochester Press-Radio Club.

1950  Elliot Cushing

1951   Matt Jackson

1952  Lowell MacMillan

1953  Paul Pinckney

1954  Bob Turner

1955  Charlie Wagner

1956  Al Weber

1957  Jerry Flynn

1958  George Beahon

1959  George LiButti

1960  Tom Decker

1961   Bill Beeney

1962  John MacDonald

1963  Dave Warner

1964  Vacant

1965  Eddie Meath

1966  Joe Deane

1967  Bob Keefe

1968  Nick Nickson

1969  Chuck Stevens

1970  Tom Gould

1971   George Sisler, Jr.

1972  John Doser

1973  Gary Smith

1974  Jack Palvino

1975  Ron DeFrance

1976  John Clapp

1977  Rich Funke

1978  Rich Funke

1979  Bruno Sniders

1980  Ron Robitaille

1981   Phil Fuhrer

1982  David Nolan

1983  David Nolan

1984  Tony Destino

1985  Dan Guilfoyle

1986  Dan Guilfoyle

1987  Colleen Flynn

1988  Colleen Flynn

1989  Dan Guilfoyle

1990  Tom Murphy

1991   Kevin Meath

1992  Kevin Meath

1993  Carolyn Guilfoyle

1994  Carolyn Guilfoyle

1995  Terry Darveaux

1996  Terry Darveaux

1997  Terry Fauth

1998  Terry Fauth

1999   Dan Mason

2000  Dan Mason

2001   Dan Mason

2002  Dan Mason

2003  Will Rumbold

2004  Will Rumbold

2005  Will Rumbold

2006  Will Rumbold

2007  Scott Pitoniak

2008  Scott Pitoniak

2009  Scott Pitoniak

2010   Scott Pitoniak

2011    Pat Grover

2012   Pat Grover

2013   Pat Grover

2014   Pat Grover

2015   Keith Ryan

2016   Keith Ryan

2017   Keith Ryan

2018   Mike Kauffman

2019   Mike Kauffman

2020  Mike Kauffman

2021   Mike Kauffman

2022  Mike Kauffman

2023  Debbie Salmon

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